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    IPVP (http://ipvp.org) is searching for builders (teams accepted) to help speed up map creation in order to create a surplus of builds for future maps and any other potential future project/server expansions.

    Hours and Pay
    There are no set hours, however we typically ask for and expect map sets to be completed within a timeframe of 2 weeks. Payment varies with employment time and build experience/quality; new builders are offered $150 per map set and can negotiate for higher payment as time progresses.

    Included in a full build set are:

    • Spawn (99x99)
    • End Entrance Portals (~7x7)
    • Stackable Road Design
    • Nether Spawn (51x51)
    • 4 KOTH (81x81)
    • Conquest (121x121)
    • Themed End World (~250-250)
      • An end world is generated and you simply decorate it
    A specific theme for builds is not typically provided, we trust builders opinions and will usually accept builds given that they look good.

    Quality Standards
    Builds we have used in the past can be viewed by clicking here. Use these as a reference to the minimum quality we are searching for.

    Build Server
    Builders are provided with and required to use a build server equipped with WorldEdit and VoxelSniper. Schematics and plugins can be loaded in and utilized however pre-made builds will not be accepted.

    Send me a PM including your portfolio by clicking here. Messages lacking a portfolio will be ignored.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.