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Apologies about the unexpected downtime we had, it was about 3 hours worth due to an OVH muck up with the hardware. This is the first time I have hosted with OVH and so far I am not impressed, I will be complaining and getting to the bottom of this. The servers are back online now and I'll make sure this issue does not happen again.

Thanks for understanding.
~ Sudzzy
Hello folks!

I'll be performing some maintenance on the servers at 12:00PM UTC, shifting them all to our new nodes (same hosting company as current). Therefore the servers will be down for up to an hour, hopefully most of you will either be at school/work or sleeping by then anyway so this should not affect most people.

Thanks for understanding,

~ Sudzzy
So as some of you will know IPvP is under new ownership, myself (belztim), and Sudzzy are the new owners. You may know us from Origin (Cannoning faction server). So TemptingMC was getting bored of owning servers and decided he was ready to move on into other endeavors. Tempting has given us tons of pointers and tips about how the plugins work, and how the server runs, and he will continue to be consulted by myself and Sudzzy if need be. I know most of you will have tons of questions that I will try my best to answer here, but if I miss out on anything feel free to click the "start a conversation" button located near the bottom of my profile: http://www.ipvp.org/members/belztim.5/ The response will not be instant, but you will recieve one.

ProTip: Don't bother trying to message Sudzzy, he's dedicated to development and normally doesn't deal with player issues, plus he's an ass hole so you aren't missing out. ;) @Sudzzy

In the future both Origin and IPvP will merge into 1 hub, there will be 3 Origin servers coloured the same way the IPvP servers are currently, and there will be the 3 HCF servers you guys know and love. But for the time being and most likely the entire next map we have coming up, they will remain separate.

On another note, most of the staff have decided to stay with IPvP, which is great because they know all about the server and it's players.

IPvP Update log:

- Fixed phasing.
- New website obviously.
- Moved all servers over to newer dedis (in progress).

Near Future:

- Making sure the anti cheat doesn't keep banning for false positives.
- Fixing koth capping bug that allowed players to cap without being inside koths.
- Looking at possible rubber banding from the anti cheat.
- Map reset when new builds are done.
- Get the...