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* Map 12 EOTW will be on Friday July 15 at 4:00PM EST

Hi all,

Map 13 SOTW will take place on Saturday July 16 (7/16/16) at 2:00PM EST (click). Map information is as follows:

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 2 / Sharpness 2 / Power 4
Faction Limits: 20 member 0 allies
Invisibility Enabled: Yes
Nether Beds: Yes

Here are the changes for map 13:
  • Throwback KOTH: City
  • Yellow and Purple servers merged together
    • The server will be capped at 550, we will see how it handles before expanding to allow more players online. Rank holders will be able to join the server if it's full.
  • Fixes Faction and Ally name colors remaining white
  • Added member/personal subclaims
    • [​IMG]
  • Glistering Melon recipe changed
    • [​IMG]
  • Major internal restructuring
  • Bard changes
    • Added Fire Resistance passive item effect (Magma Cream)
    • Added Wither clickable item effect (Spider Eye)
    • Bards will now have Weakness II when wearing their kit
  • Enderpearls will no longer work in the Conquest area
  • Improvements to staff X-Ray detection
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Hi all,

Map 12 SOTW will take place on Saturday June 11 (6/11/16) at 2:00PM EST (click). Over the course of Map 11, players were available to vote to choose specific features. After over 1000 votes, these were the results:

Poll Results
Map Kit: Protection 1 Sharpness 1 (FA only through KOTH/Conquest)
Faction Limits: 15 member 1 ally (purple) / 25 member 0 allies (yellow)
Invisibility Enabled: Yes
Nether Beds: Yes

Here are the changes for map 12:
  • (Rule Change) Kicking and killing no longer allowed [View rules for more information]
  • (Rule Change) Insiding no longer allowed [View rules for more information]
  • Warzone radius reduced to 750
  • Reverted conquest to 300 points/30 second caps
  • Combat timer reduced to 45 seconds
  • Throwback KOTH: Demolition
  • Death at a KOTH will result in a 20 minute death ban
  • Fixed deathban timing being halved
  • Fixed minecart elevators
  • Fixed 1.8 players seeing invisible player name tags
  • Fixed KOTH message spam
  • Fixed players not being kicked to the hub when a server goes down

Map 11 notable changes:
  • Implemented better method to find x-rayers
  • Added /portal for players to light their own portals
  • Implemented a new staff list (/list) that shows staff across both servers
  • Fixed death-banned users losing lives when trying to check deathban time (now have time to check and use a life to revive themselves when joining)
  • Fixed /lives revive not reviving players
  • Fixed staff logging out in staff mode spawning a combat logger
  • Fixed beacon effects overriding bard passives
  • Fixed super golden apple cooldown resetting when relogging
  • Fixed PVPTimer players being placed into blocks when claiming land
  • Fixed players in staff mode triggering pressure plates
  • Fixed bard being able to apply...

Hi all,

Map 11 EOTW will take place next Friday (June 10) at 4:00 PM EST. View a live timer countdown by clicking here. We will be hosting SOTW the day after, on Saturday (June 11). More information about SOTW will be released in the next few days.

EOTW Information:
  • Lives disabled, infinite deathban time
  • World border radius will begin at 3250 blocks
  • Border will shrink 1 block every 5 seconds until it reaches a radius of 100 blocks
  • Players outside the border will take damage to their health and armor/items periodically
  • When the EOTW Koth is captured, a whitelisted FFA event will begin with the remaining online players
    • Border will rapidly shrink to a 50 block radius
  • The EOTW will end when the last player is standing in the FFA
The player/faction that captures the EOTW will receive 5 rank upgrades for members of their choice, the top 5 players in the FFA will also receive rank upgrades.

Start getting your bases and supplies ready!

iPvP Administration
Hi all,

Builder applications have been opened. IPVP is currently looking to expand its team of builders to produce content quick enough for the SOTW/EOTW cycles (4-6 weeks). We are searching for exceptional builders among the community to help us with this process. There are certain perks to being on the build team:
  • Access to the build server
  • In-game credit on the webstore
  • In-game [Builder] prefix
General requirements are as follows:
  • Ability to connect with us on our slack
  • Activity in TeamSpeak a huge plus
  • Comfortable collaborating with other builders
Apply now by clicking here!

IPVP Administration
Hi all,

The iPvP forums have once again changed. We are now a standalone server and as such have separated the forums from Origins. Those who had accounts earlier in the year (January-February) should still have the same logins. Unfortunately the rest of you will have to create new accounts in order to submit content. For those of you who had posted staff applications on the previous forums, please feel free to copy them over to the Staff Applications forum.

We apologize for the inconvenience,
iPvP Administration
Hey folks

I'm going to make this quick, we see that the servers are down, and we're working on it, sorry the the inconvenience that this has caused you, and thanks for your patience.

- belztim
Hello folks!

As most of you know, IPVP is now under new ownership, therefore meaning we are new to this servers setup and are still familiarizing ourselves with it all. Myself and @sainttx are currently the only two developers for the server and we'll be attempting to sort out all of these issues that we are receiving from you.

The problem with IPVPs current setup is that there was already a large amount of errors within the code given to us and we're having an incredibly difficult time attempting to piece together what we have managed to get from the previous developers. We do not have the most recent source code for the server, and all its errors/bugs were made apparent during the EOTW. Therefore we reverted back the builds to be exactly the same setup IPVP had running before the new ownership. The way IPVP had been developed was not made in a state where it is easily modifiable, basically the entire server was made in a way that it was reliant off one main project which has not been functioning well.

Before any small or simple changes / bug fixes can be done by either myself or @sainttx we have to pretty much rewrite the entire server to a point where it is actually somewhat maintainable. This will take us quite a long and unknown amount of time. Any issues on the server currently were issues on the server before we had took over ownership, things like hoppers/spawners having slow tickrates from what I can tell was a previous attempt to fix lag issues.

To sum everything up, we are working as hard as we can to fix the issues but please understand due to the servers current conditions we are unable to apply any patches. It may take us a few weeks to get the servers codebase to a point where we can actually start working on features and bug fixes for the server.

Thank you ever so much for understanding, we really appreciate the supportive and helpful community this server has and are doing everything in our power to make...
Hoppers and Spawners
You’ve probably noticed the slowed rates from spawners/hoppers. This is intentional, and once we’ve reached a more stable state they will be increased again. Until then, expect delayed spawn rates/slower ticks with hoppers.

The problem with lightning strikes burning entities should be fine now. Happy PvPing!

iPvP’s Current State
Sudzzy is currently working his hardest to take apart and revamp all of the old, outdated plugins. Hopefully within the coming days iPvP will have minimal problems, but until then you’ll just have to bare with us.

A note to all players on iPvP
We understand your frustration, but the owners are working their very hardest to hammer out all of the minor bugs to provide a better environment for all players. Thanks for your patience!

- Administration of iPvP
Hey folks, we've got a couple updates here for you.

We will be keeping the blue and red servers, and removing the green map for the upcoming sotw. So if you play green, choose which server you will be switching to now.

Red will be the server that takes greens place as having up to 30 players in the faction.

Blue will continue with the faction capacity of 15 players.

Because Origin has 3 servers that are titled; red, blue, and green, we will be recolouring the iPvP servers.

Red will become Yellow.

Blue will become Purple.

Keep in mind this will not change the server at all.

EOTW will also take place at 3pm EST.
Start of the world will also be changed from the previous time to Saturday 4pm est.

If you have any questions pm me. Also some people were unsure of how many koths there will be for map 9. There will be 2 normal world koths, 1 citadel, 1 koth in the end, and 1 koth in the nether.

Thanks for reading,
belztim & Sudzzy
Hey guys, it's been a long time since a new map on iPvP and we are now ready for a new SOTW. This map we'll be focusing on general fixes, a few nifty features, and tons of bug fixes. The new map will take place on February the 6th. Which means EOTW is on February the 5th!

EOTW: 3pm EST Feb 5th
SOTW: 4pm EST Feb 6th


- Issue where players can ender pearl out of a capture zone but keep capturing, even if they log out.
- Fixed the problem with drinking potions while ender pearling.
- Lots of small fixes in general.
- Fixed issue where conquest would glitch if a faction changed their name.

Balancing Changes:

- Removing KB 1
- Poison to 33 seconds
- Slowness Reduced to 1 minute and 17 seconds

Courtesy of: Nawlidge and the Origin team.

Brand new builds, that aren't boring like last map:



Nether Koth

This map will have not only a nether Koth, but also an End Koth. Along with those two it will have 2 main world koth's and either a citadel or a conquest, whichever the players would prefer.

The End

The end will now be much more interesting and not just end stone. It will also not have a safe zone, which will make going there much more dangerous.

How are we going to deal with hackers better?

Not only are we going to be hiring more staff, but we will also be adding many helpful notifications for the team to use.
We'll also be adding an auto ban system that will take care of the majority of hackers. The best thing about this system is that it will not false ban like the last system iPvP had.

Because of these improvements we will no longer be refunding items for...