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Hi PVPers,

We would like to inform you that our Map 16 EOTW on Hardcore Factions will be taking place on Friday 13th January at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) We hope you enjoy it!

iPvP Administration.
Hi PVPers,

We will be releasing our 17th map this week on Saturday January 14 at 2PM EST (7PM GMT). This map will be less feature packed and will focus on re-implementing some older parts of IPVP that were changed over the past few maps. This map also reintroduces allies, which haven't been enabled on IPVP for a helluva long time. We hope you enjoy it!
Here are the details for the next map:

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 1 / Sharpness 1 / Power 3 / Fire Aspect 1
Faction Limits:
8 Members 1 Ally
Invisibility: 8 Minutes Brewable

New Features/Changes
  • Reverted EXP nerfs to what they were around map 7-9
    • This means that you'll receive a lot more experience from monsters as well as the looting enchantment
  • (Possibly) Revert terrain generation to old map generator
  • DTR freeze time will vary depending on your faction size
    • This means that solos will have a shorter DTR freeze vs. full factions
  • Starting balance increased to $200
We are currently working on revamping the overall look and feel of the website (our ghetto XenForo theme feels pretty outdated) as well as store, this will be introduced in the upcoming months.

The next few steps and updates for IPVP will be less focused on pushing features (unless something excellent is suggested) and will primarily feature any bug fixes and improvements to general gameplay (we will be tweaking knockback, hit detection, etc a lot). Player customizability will also be a huge priority of mine (ie. allowing players to modify certain plugin colors for themselves); this was previewed with what can currently be done with the tab colors (by typing /tab to change them).

Alongside this, we are weighing any options for new ideas and game modes to expand the server and have a more stable player base. Currently we've been witnessing a massive spike in traffic during the EOTW/SOTW...
Hi PVPers,

It's time for a new map. On Saturday December 17 at 2PM we will be launching our 16th map to take us through Christmas until the new year. Since it is Christmas, we will be featuring one of the largest sales that we've had in the past year; stay tuned! This map features many bug fixes and a few changes that were previewed in our test map, 15.5. Here is our awesome trailer for the map created by Zuha:

Those who re-upload with the following subscriber counts will receive keys:
  • 100+: 1 key
  • 250+: 2 keys
  • 500+: 3 keys
  • 1000+: 5 keys
Contact myself with your YouTube channel and your username to receive the reward.

Trailer title: IPVP MAP 16 (DECEMBER 17)
Description: Server IP: na.ipvp.org (in first line of description)

Map 15.5 featured a survey about some of the features for this map, here are the results:
Question: 'What map kit do you prefer? '
  1. Protection 2 Sharpness 2 - 226 vote(s)
  2. Protection 2 Sharpness 3 - 121 vote(s)
  3. Protection 2 Sharpness 1 - 90 vote(s)
  4. No enchantments - 90 vote(s)
Question: 'Should we remove the end safezone? '
  1. Yes - 212 vote(s)
  2. No - 315 vote(s)
Question: 'Which archer kit do you prefer? '
  1. Archer Marks (previous system) - 366 vote(s)
  2. Distance amplification (current system) - 161 vote(s)
Here are the details for the next map:

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 2 / Sharpness 2 / Power 4
Faction Limits: 8 Members 0 Allies
Invisibility: 8 Minutes Brewable

Rule Changes
  • Players can now admit to hacking for a 60 day temp ban
    • This is only applicable on the first offence, similar to the x-ray admittance
  • Kick and kill is...
IPVP (http://ipvp.org) is searching for builders (teams accepted) to help speed up map creation in order to create a surplus of builds for future maps and any other potential future project/server expansions.

Hours and Pay
There are no set hours, however we typically ask for and expect map sets to be completed within a timeframe of 2 weeks. Payment varies with employment time and build experience/quality; new builders are offered $150 per map set and can negotiate for higher payment as time progresses.

Included in a full build set are:

  • Spawn (99x99)
  • End Entrance Portals (~7x7)
  • Stackable Road Design
  • Nether Spawn (51x51)
  • 4 KOTH (81x81)
  • Conquest (121x121)
  • Themed End World (~250-250)
    • An end world is generated and you simply decorate it
A specific theme for builds is not typically provided, we trust builders opinions and will usually accept builds given that they look good.

Quality Standards
Builds we have used in the past can be viewed by clicking here. Use these as a reference...

Hi all,

Map 15.5 SOTW will be releasing this upcoming Saturday (November 26) at 2PM EST. Click the previous date to view a live countdown telling you when SOTW will begin. As per tradition, the server MOTD will be updated sometime later in the week with a refreshable countdown of when the event will take place. This map will be a throwback map to builds from an earlier IPVP, we hope you enjoy the nostalgia with KOTHs such as Cove (Map 5), Conquest (Map 7), Cave (Map 7), and more. We will also be using this interim map as a chance to test the performance/bugs of some new features and internal changes for our anticipated Map 16 launch which will take place around Christmas time.

Here are the details for the next map:

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 1 / Sharpness 1 / Power 3
Faction Limits: 10 Members 0 Allies
Invisibility: 8 minute enabled

A full feature list will be released for the Map 16 post.

IPVP Administration

Hi all,

Map 15 SOTW will be releasing this upcoming Saturday (October 22) at 2PM EST. Click the previous date to view a live countdown telling you when SOTW will begin. As per tradition, the server MOTD will be updated on Thursday October 20 with a live countdown of when the event will take place.

Our trailer will be live on several YouTube channels in the upcoming week. If you would like to contribute to the SOTW hype, feel free to upload our trailer to your channel. For those who do decide to upload the trailer, we will be rewarding you with Trailer keys on release (keys will only be openable for the first 3 days of the map).

Those who upload with the following subscriber counts will receive keys:
  • 100+: 1 key
  • 250+: 2 keys
  • 500+: 3 keys
  • 1000+: 5 keys
Click here to download the trailer. Contact me if you have uploaded the video to your channel (via forum direct message).

Trailer title: iPvP Map 15 SOTW (October 22)
Description: Server IP: na.ipvp.org (in first line of description)

Map 15 holds some interesting tweaks to some gameplay features, namely the new archer changes. We hope you will like this rehash of the class when you get to play on the server. Let us know of any issues, problems, or tweaks you’d like to see through the suggestions (http://ipvp.org/index.php?forums/suggestions.33/) forum and we will consider adding them.

Here are the details for the next map:

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 1 / Sharpness 1 / Power 3
Faction Limits: 15 Members 0 Allies
Invisibility: Brewable

Map 15 Changes
The change log for this map is fairly short as majority of changes are...

Hi all,

KitMap 2 will be releasing this Saturday October 15 at 2PM EST. A timer will be added to our MOTD Friday evening to better notify you of the exact time the server will be un-whitelisted.

This iteration of KitMap will be online to preface our Map 15 SOTW (October 22), adding in some features for beta testing as well as various bug fixes.

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 2 / Sharpness 1 / Power 4
Faction Limits: 5 members 0 allies

  • Fisher kit added
  • Next generation of Archer kit implemented
    • Changed from Archer Mark to distance modifier
      • 1 half heart extra damage per every 5 blocks (past 15 blocks)
        • 15 | +0.5
        • 20 | +1.0
        • 25 | +1.5
        • ...
    • Added arrow effect modifiers based on armor color
      • Must be wearing a full set of the same color
        • [​IMG]
      • Will be given a message if a set has an effect:
        • [​IMG]
      • Effects:
        • Red dyed armor (Roses): Grants regeneration to allied members
        • Black dyed armor (Ink sack): Grants wither to enemies
        • Blue dyed armor (Lapis): Grants slowness to enemies
        • Green dyed armor (Cactus Green): Grants poison to enemies
        • Gray dyed armor (Gray dye): Grants weakness to enemies
      • Percentage chance to apply based on distance (only applies to debuffs, buffs are 100%):
        • 0-10 blocks: 10%
        • 11-25 blocks: 33%
        • 26-35 blocks: 66%
        • 36+ blocks: 75%
    • Archers can still use sugar for Speed IV (8 seconds)
    • Passive effects have not changed: Resistance II, Speed III, Regeneration I
  • Added /archer, /bard, /fisher, /miner information commands
  • Slighly reduced knockback
  • Removed knockback...
Hey PVPers,

Map 14 SOTW will be dropping soon on Saturday August 20 at 3PM EST. Click on the previous date to view a live countdown telling you when the SOTW will start. As usual, the time will also be added to our MOTD to help remind you when to join.

For the majority of Map 13's lifespan, players were able to vote (using /map14) for the different features they wished to see present in the next map. This vote included the map kit, faction member limits, and ore generation. Here are the results:

Question: What is your favorite map kit?
1. Protection 0 Sharpness 0 - 215 vote(s)
2. Protection 1 Sharpness 1 - 347 vote(s)
3. Protection 2 Sharpness 2 - 198 vote(s)​
Question: What should the faction member limit be?
1. 10 Members - 274 vote(s)
2. 15 Members - 214 vote(s)
3. 20 Members - 158 vote(s)
4. 25 Members - 114 vote(s)​
Question: How do you prefer ore generation?
1. Vanilla generation - 125 vote(s)
2. Current settings - 223 vote(s)
3. More amplification - 412 vote(s)​
Question: Which claiming method do you prefer?
1. Chunk based - 340 vote(s)
2. Claiming wand - 420ayy vote(s)​

As such...

Map Information
Map Kit: Protection 1 / Sharpness 1 / Power 3
Faction Limits: 10 Members 0 Allies
Invisibility Enabled: Yes
Nether Beds: Yes

Map 14 Changes
  • Iron Fence recipe changed from 16 -> 6
    • [​IMG]
  • Added recipes for Chain Helmet, Chain Chestplate, Chain Leggings, and Chain Boots using Iron Fence
    • Armor format is same as all other armors
    • [​IMG]
  • Added a new kit: Fisher (Chainmail Armor)
  • Added Glowstone Mountain
  • Scoreboard colors and entries slightly adjusted
  • Koth knock messages now display the name of...
  • Enderpearl cooldown will now reset if a valid landing location is not found
  • Elevators can no longer be used while in combat
  • Adjusted various Faction messages
    • "This claim contins a location not within the Wilderness" changed to now output what faction you are attempting to overclaim
    • "All claims in your faction must be conjoined" changed to "At least two of the corners of your new claim must touch an old claim"
    • Adjusted max claims message format
  • Added /f history
  • Added 2-factor authentication in lobby servers
  • Adjusted disconnect message for banned players to display more info (ie. who banned, expiry)
  • Changed some death messages
  • Fixed restoring of death inventory overriding current inventory
    • Current inventory will now be dropped on the ground to prevent item loss
  • Fixed players with PvpTimer being able to take wither damage
  • Fixed message telling players to make sure they are outside the warzone being sent if they were already outside the claim
  • Fixed players with 16 character names not being able to use subclaimed chests
  • Fixed claim wand pillar being sent when a claim selection was invalid
  • Fixed faction chat being filtered by spam and badwords detection
  • Fixed monster eggs not working in claimed territory
  • Fixed players not being able to mount their horse in enemy territory
  • Fixed player kills not being shown in /f show
  • Fixed leader name always being displayed red in /f show
  • Fixed snowmen not being able to place snow in faction territory
  • Fixed insider deathban time not being multiplied
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from capturing KOTH while combat tagged
  • Fixed some players being able to connect while already banned
  • Various improvements to staff tools and permissions
Hi all,

Two factor authentication (2FA) has now been enabled on the hubs for everybody to use. This feature gives added security to your accounts in-case they are compromised by another party. Our current implementation uses the Google Authenticator APP which is available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. To enable the feature, enter the lobby server (via relogging or /server lobby) and type /auth. You will be presented with instructions on how to activate 2FA.

Current options for the plugin are as follows:
  • /auth - Starts the authentication process
  • /auth off - Disables 2FA
  • /auth ipenable - Enables IP based authentication, you will only be asked for your code when your IP changes
  • /auth ipdisable - Disables IP based authentication

Here is what happens when you type /auth in our lobbies:
You'll be given instructions on how to stop the process, as well as installing the Google Authenticator app

Once the app is installed, you will be given a QR code to scan

The QR code is in the form of a map, open the app and scan it to create a new entry in your app

Once you have the scanned entry, you can proceed and enter your code

At this point your authentication is already enabled, and you can choose to enable IP-based authentication

iPvP Administration